Voronoi Diagram

Voronoi Diagram. The Voronoi diagram is a fundamental geometric data structure. A Voronoi diagram is a diagram consisting of a number of sites.

Voronoi diagrams
Voronoi diagrams (Alexander Ward)
The Voronoi diagram and centroidal Voronoi tessellation (CVT) are de ned and their properties robot navigation, Voronoi diagrams are used to answer many questions. Georgy Voronyi is the creator of the Voronoi Diagram. A Voronoi diagram is the computational geometry concept that represents partition of the given space onto regions, with bounds determined by distances to a specified family of objects.

Following common usage, we will use the terminology Voronoi diagram.

Georgy Voronyi is the creator of the Voronoi Diagram.

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Voronoi Diagrams

Moreover, the Voronoi diagram always includes some semi-infinite sides, but the voronoi command does not compute or plot these. In this recipe, we compute the Voronoi diagram of the set of metro stations in Paris using SciPy. Demonstrate how to generate and display a Voroni diagram.

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