Trench Diagram

Trench Diagram. The front line of the trenches. Read here to learn more about the Mariana Trench.

Kinaesthetic lesson on WW1 trenches by EmilyTostevin ...
Kinaesthetic lesson on WW1 trenches by EmilyTostevin ... (Harold Wallace)
Trenches were therefore built with alternating straight and angled lines. A number of stresses and deformations can occur in an open cut or trench. A trench is defined as a narrow excavation (in relation to its length) made below the surface of the ground.

Artillery made up a large part of trench warfare.

Based on the vertical depth, the amount of cutback on each side of the trench can be calculated.

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The following diagrams show some of the more frequently identified causes of trench failure. Trench boxes can be stacked for deep trenches, but they cannot be used to raise the height of the trench wall. For example, increases or decreases in moisture content can adversely affect the stability of a trench or excavation.

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