Tape Diagram

Tape Diagram. Pick the diagram that models the ratio in the story. Students are often taught to look for key words when solving a word.

Tape diagrams and arrays - YouTube
Tape diagrams and arrays - YouTube (Effie Santiago)
Use tape diagrams to visualize equivalent ratios and describe a ratio relationship between two quantities. Tape diagrams (bar models) are an excellent way to solve multiplication and division problems! Tape diagrams are a way to represent ratios.

Tape diagrams are a way to represent ratios.

Compare two different ways to use tape diagrams!

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Using the tape diagram

Tape diagrams and arrays - YouTube

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A tape diagram is a visual model (drawing) that can be used to represent quantities and their Why would I use a tape diagram? Tape diagrams are useful for visualizing ratio relationships between two (or more) quantities that have the same units. Want to help support the site and remove the ads?

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