Skateboard Diagram

Skateboard Diagram. It is often used as the basis of other more complicated tricks. If you are an experienced builder, you can simply use our electric skateboard parts and customize your build with your imagination.

Anatomy of a Skateboard | Bay Area's Bordertown
Anatomy of a Skateboard | Bay Area's Bordertown (Terry Stokes)
Made of multi-ply wood, often maple but occasionally other wood compressed together, the deck is the part of the skateboard you stand on. Join us and ride the revolution! Think of the skateboard as a metaphor for the smallest thing you can put in the hands of real users, and get real feedback.

Dust off your deck and see how much you know.

A skateboard has many parts, including the wheels, deck and bearings.

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Fun to see these 'old' dances. It expresses the purpose of early customer engagement really nicely. Join us and ride the revolution!

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