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Feynman Diagram. The video looks at the interpretation of the diagrams using some common examples. A short Introduction to Feynman Diagrams.

Feynman and the Bomb | Restricted Data
Feynman and the Bomb | Restricted Data (Nellie Kennedy)
The expansion of the action in powers of X gives a series of terms with progressively higher number of X's. In theoretical physics, Feynman diagrams are pictorial representations of the mathematical expressions describing the behavior of subatomic particles. Feynman diagram of the interaction of an electron with the electromagnetic forceThe basic vertex (V) shows the emission of a photon (γ) by an electron ( e − ).

The second, an electron goes from point A to point.

Feynman diagrams derive from QED theory.

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Feynman diagrams use a series of lines and vertices to illustrate the particle interactions. This post turned into a multi-part ongoing series about the Feynman rules for the Standard Model and a few of its extensions. Physicists have used Feynman diagrams as a tool for calculating scattering amplitudes that describe particle interactions for more than six decades.

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