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Cochlea Diagram. Diagram of the three parts of the ear : external ear (E), middle ear (M) and inner ear (I). The organ of Corti, also known as the spiral organ, exists inside the middle duct.

explain the structure of cochlea with the help of a ...
explain the structure of cochlea with the help of a ... (Miguel Rivera)
Its base is broad, and appears at the bottom of the internal acoustic meatus, where it corresponds with the area cochleƦ. Electronic cochlea models are used for physiological modeling as well as in many signal processing tasks such as pitch detection and speech recognition. It is divided into three fluid-filled chambers, called scalae, that spiral around a bony core.

Cell death of cochlear hair cells causes deafness; an apoptotic process that is not well understood.

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Diagram from the text of the Inner Ear or Cochlea. Human Eye Diagram Diagram Of The Eye Eyes Clipart Anatomy Flashcards Eye Structure Eye Anatomy Human Anatomy Iris Eye Optic Nerve. The Cochlear tube is actually divided in half, length wise.

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