Vertebrae Diagram

Vertebrae Diagram. The vertebrae that make up the cervical spine are the smallest seven within the spinal column. This post displays Vertebrae diagram … Please click on the image(s) to view larger version.

Vertebrae diagram
Vertebrae diagram (Ellen Klein)
A brief animation of the vertebrae of the human body. Vertebrae Diagram lära sig genom att spela. Twenty-six vertebrae form the vertebral column of the human body.

These two segments work together to produce rotation, lateral flexion. vertebrae in some vertebrates (teleosts, urodeles, & apodans).

The vertebra (plural: vertebrae) is the fundamental segmental unit of the vertebral column (also known as the spine).

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They are named by region With the exception of the singular sacrum and coccyx, each vertebra is named for the first letter of its. The column runs from the cranium to the apex of the coccyx, on the. Whatever its clinical implications, the presence or absence of a transitional vertebra is important if a.

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