Reflexology Foot Diagram

Reflexology Foot Diagram. Since reflexology is practiced across the world, there's no general agreement on the locations of the specific reflexology points on the human body, including the feet. As we have discussed, one reflexology foot chart may differ slightly from another - there are numerous versions of reflexology foot maps out there.

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CHINESE REFLEXOLOGY POINTS FOR THE SOLES CHINESE REFLEXOLOGY With Holly Tse Sole to Soul for Amazing Health and Vitality For more illustrations and information on self-healing, visit: www. Reflexology foot chart (the picture above) is the body reflex in the foot soul (planter aspect). A foot reflexology chart plays an essential role to understand the foot reflex points.

It is well worth learning and using this technique.

In reflexology, the foot is marked in sections, and each foot is outlined for the corresponding side of the body (as shown in the foot pressure points chart above).


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Reflexology isn't only an "elegant" word for a foot rub, it is considerably more mind-boggling than simply scouring the feet! Hand reflexology chart points: Acupressure points & hand reflexology chart printable, and treatments for headache, constipation, hypertension or pain in hands & feet or ears. The Foot Reflexology Meridian Points are located on Big Toe, Second Toe, Fourth Toe and Last Toe.

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