Leg Veins Diagram

Leg Veins Diagram. Since the distal parts of the lower limb, i.e. the leg and feet, are the furthest points from the heart compared to any other part of the body, blood has a longer distance to travel bac to the heart. Superficial veins are located near the surface of the skin and have very little muscle support.

A Work in Progress: My Uninvited & Unwanted Guest
A Work in Progress: My Uninvited & Unwanted Guest (Kyle Garcia)
Occasionally, veins deep within the legs become enlarged. They are typically visible on the legs and face. Spider veins are easily visible through the skin, as well.

Typically, at its proximal end, the great saphenous vein receives the external pudendal, superficial circumflex iliac, superficial epigastric and accessory saphenous veins, prior to joining the femoral vein.

The anterior tibial vein forms a small network anterior to the tibia and collects blood from the tissues of the shin.

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