Diagramming Sentences

Diagramming Sentences. But what on earth is a predicate? Diagramming sentences is fun and helpful.

sentence diagrams - A Workbook of New Testament Greek
sentence diagrams - A Workbook of New Testament Greek (Eugenia Cunningham)
Sentence diagramming (also known as Reed-Kellogg diagramming). Diagramming sentences might seem complicated at first, but you'll quickly get the hang of it. When someone diagrams a sentence, he or she places words onto a diagram in a set pattern in order to understand the sentence and the words within the sentence better.

A sentence diagram is a way to graphically represent the structure of a sentence, showing how words in a sentence function and relate to each other.

Learners study the process used to diagram sentences, and then work through numerous exercises to test their knowledge.

Does diagramming sentences help a child learn grammar ...

sentence diagrams - A Workbook of New Testament Greek

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Diagramming sentences is a visual way to teach the function of every part of a sentence. For decades, educators have been debating whether sentence diagramming helps students learn to read and write. To begin diagramming a sentence, draw a baseline beneath the subject and the verb and then separate the two with a vertical line that extends through the baseline.

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