Autonomic Nervous System Diagram

Autonomic Nervous System Diagram. This is why it's also called the visceral nervous system. Your autonomic nervous system also controls all of your vital functions, many of which you aren't consciously aware of.

Bil 360 - Spring, 2012
Bil 360 - Spring, 2012 (Marc Byrd)
The system has two branches called sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). This property enables many important functions of the nervous system, such as regulation of vital body functions (heartbeat, breathing, digestion), sensation and body movements. It does this by regulating the peripheral vasculature, and kidney function, which in turn affect cardiac output , vascular resistance , and fluid retention.

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) automatically regulates the function of body systems outside of voluntary control.

The main function of the PNS is to relay information between the central nervous system and the effector organs.


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See more ideas about autonomic nervous system, nervous system, nervous. Voiceover: In this video, I want to introduce the autonomic nervous system, autonomic nervous system, which is part of the overall nervous system, and this is a functional division of the nervous system, not a structural division, like the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. Parasympathetic Be able to sketch the different arrangement of pre- and post-ganglionic fibers in the nervous system (CNS vs.

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