Cumulative Flow Diagram

Cumulative Flow Diagram. It is an area graph that depicts the quantity of work in a given state, showing arrivals, time in queue, quantity in queue, and departure. A Cumulative Flow Diagram is a graphical representation of work as it flows through your Kanban system.

Cumulative flow diagram (source: project partner ...
Cumulative flow diagram (source: project partner ... (Isabelle Chambers)
A CFD is based on the same data that underlies Burndown and Burnup. The cumulative flow diagram also highlights your project time frame along the X-axis. It is a time-based plot, with the time interval in the x-axis and the number of cards in the y-axis.

All resources online point to contradictory ways of doing a cumulative flow diagram.

Cumulative Flow Diagram is an analytical tool, fundamental to Kanban method.

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Cumulative Flow Diagrams help visualize and track a kanban team's progress. The Cumulative Flow diagram (CFD) provides a graphic depiction of how cards are moving through various statuses on the way to being 'Done'. A Cumulative Flow Diagram is an area chart that shows the progress of a project work items for a particular period.

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