Pelvic Bone Diagram

Pelvic Bone Diagram. SKELETAL SYSTEM ANATOMY: Pelvic girdle, os coxa, coaxial bone, hip bone. The pelvis forms the base of the spine as well as the socket of the hip joint.

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Pelvic Bone Diagram - Diagram Of Anterior Female Pelvis. The geometry of bony pelvis differs significantly between males and females - the phenomena caused by adaptation to the obstetric. The pelvic girdle is formed by a single hip bone.

Strong ligaments are necessary to hold the hip bone to the sacrum.

Anatomy of the pelvis includes anatomy of the bony pelvis and its contents.

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Pelvic bones

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In this article, we would discuss bony pelvis. The hip bone attaches the lower limb to the axial skeleton The hip bone, or coxal bone, forms the pelvic girdle portion of the pelvis. Lower jaw (Mandible) Collar bone. (Clavicle) Breast bone.

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