Necklace Length Diagram

Necklace Length Diagram. It is best suited for crew and high neckline. A chart designed to help you find the perfect length for your next DIY necklace project.

Vamps Jewelry: Necklace Length Guide
Vamps Jewelry: Necklace Length Guide (Clyde Guerrero)
What is a carat? "Carat Weight" is simply the weight of the diamond. Useful Guide to Necklace Lengths Many of the necklaces I design are available with a custom chain length. For taller women, wearing a necklace of this length will have a similar effect to a collar.

Necklace Length This diagram illustrates where necklaces of different lengths will hang on a person with an average neck size.

A common length for men which falls right at the collarbone.

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Necklace length guide Swarovski have drawn a number of illustrations to demonstrate a selection of looks highlighting the varying ranges of necklace length. This length of necklace paired with a slightly larger pendant that compensates for the deep V neckline space and gives it a sharp contrast to the outfit. This has been designed to help you better envisage what your next favourite piece will look like.

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