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Stomata Diagram. A stoma consists of two guard cells that surround an aperture. Stomata play an important role in gaseous exchange and photosynthesis.

Open Stomata Stock Illustrations - 22 Open Stomata Stock ...
Open Stomata Stock Illustrations - 22 Open Stomata Stock ... (Verna Wade)
Stomata Diagram Template Make a full use of this stomata diagram science template from Edraw to keep it simple but enjoyable to read. Stomata are the tiny openings present on the epidermis of leaves. Explain process of opening and closing of stomata. (Diagram not required).

Water stress (drought and salt stress) is one of the major environmental problems causing severe losses in agriculture and in nature.

Each stoma remains surrounded by two kidneys or bean shaped epidermal cells the guard cells.

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Stomata are the pores present on epidermis layer of plant. Cancer cell. illustration showing cancer disease development. The stomata can open and close to: control water lost by transpiration; Diagram of the stomatal apparatus found in the epidermis of leaves.

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