Replication Fork Diagram

Replication Fork Diagram. Edraw is a new UML diagram and software diagram drawing tool. Drag the labels to their appropriate locations in the diagram to describe the name or function of each structure.

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Answered: Label the figure to assess your… | bartleby (Christine Hansen)
Before DNA can be replicated, the double stranded molecule must be "unzipped" into two single strands. The following diagram provides pictorial representation of fork-ing new processes. Keywords: cell size; bacterial cell cycle model; population variability; BCD.

During DNA replication a DNA double helix must unwind and separate so that DNA polymerase enzymes can use each single strand Partial separation of the double helix forms a replication fork*.

DNA replication is a semi-conservative process.

DNA Replication

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A Fork notation in a UML Activity Diagram is a control node that splits a flow into multiple concurrent flows. Stalled replication forks of molecules with a (+) superhelical strain have the additional option of regressing, forming a four-way junction at the replication fork. Opening up of DNA molecule creates replication bubble.

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